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We believe healing happens in relationships. Our approach is rooted in helping you build strong, healthy relationships and building human connection and attachment. Through our commitment to attachment-based practices, we aim to help individuals and families thrive in their relationships and lead fulfilling lives.

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This is our Heart

CARE, Inc. counselors approach relationships from an ATTACHMENT perspective.  Attachment is all about mutual, reciprocal NEED meeting.  Whoever meets the NEED of another person is who that person will trust and develop a healthy attachment with, and therefore, healthy boundaries are also necessary and needed. 

CARE, Inc. counselors see ALL behavior as functional for a person’s decision making processes.  All behavior is chosen for some reason, some function, whether consciously or subconsciously.  Therefore, all decisions that a person makes MUST “make sense” in some way, fashion, or form.  CARE, Inc. counselors attempt to help the client “make sense” of their choices and develop more adaptive responses, as well as develop an adaptive narrative, a necessity for healthy living and life. 

CARE, Inc. counselors attempt to EMPATHICALLY understand a client’s narrative (get enough of the client’s personal history and story), facilitate the client developing an adaptive narrative (story) for the client’s life, and then empower and resource the client with tools to meet the need(s) and/or coping mechanisms adaptively for the client’s current situation.  A client always comes FOR counseling because their current NARRATIVE is maladaptive – isn’t working for that person - and that person needs to develop an adaptive narrative to move positively into their personal future! 

The fact that a person’s behavioral choices DON’T make sense to them, (and sometimes for others that they’re in a relationship with!), is what drives many clients to attempt to find some reason, understanding, and/or meaning to their seemingly, haphazard, random, and nonsensical choices!  A client’s emotional/psychological “pain level” typically must exceed 80% of the client’s capacity, before a client will seek assistance or help for their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, relational, and/or psychological pain.  Current pain must become unbearable before help is often sought. 

CARE, Inc. offers counseling in individual, couples, marriage, family, and group counseling formats or modalities.  CARE, Inc. accepts most healthcare insurance plans, Employee Assistance Plans (EAPs), HSA cards, credit, debit, check, or cash private pay for payment for services.  Payment for services is expected at the time of service. 

REDISCOVER or DISCOVER new, healthy relationships and activities through the counseling processes of CARE, Inc.  The invitation from CARE, Inc. is to learn how to engage in healthy relationships, develop healthy attachments with boundaries, grieve the losses of one’s life, and experience a reparative relationship with a counselor from CARE, Inc.!

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Mr. Mark Beal - MSW, LCSW

I am a therapist specializing in attachment, dissociation, narcissism, depression, anxiety, Complex PTSD, and mood disorders. As President of Care Inc., I have developed...

Maureen Gonzalez

I am a therapist specializing in...

Carol Beal

As the administrator of C.A.R.E., I ensure the seamless operation of our services, providing a supportive bridge between our clients and the therapeutic support they seek. I am responsible for...

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